Govn365 Goal Setting Dashboard

The Govn365 Goal Setting Dashboard enables you to set targets specific to your organisation’s strategy and goals.

Activated once you complete your Govn365 governance maturity assessment, your Govn365 Goal Setting Dashboard allows you to set organisational goals for each individual module. It provides a customisable goal setting solution that gives organisations the power to bring their strategy goals to life.

The Govn365 Goal Setting Dashboard has five levels, with a benchmark goal of level three. Govn365 is underpinned by the ISO 37000 standard for governance, the Institute of Directors Four Pillars and leading practices across the globe and established level 3, Performing, as a benchmark for governance.

Five Goal Setting Areas

Level 1, Aware: You’ve made a start! Basic systems, processes and behaviours are in place.

Level 2, Developing: There's room for growth. You respond to governance matters as they arise, your basic systems and processes are developing.

Level 3, Performing: The foundations have been laid. Your organisation is starting to develop consistency whilst continuing to develop its systems and processes.

Level 4, Flourishing: You’re ahead of the curve! Your governance and organisation is flourishing. All processes and systems are current and actively managed.

Level 5, Leading: Congratulations, you’ve attained an excellent level of governance maturity. Continue leading and showing others how it's done.

Achieve your goals and watch your governance maturity grow

A playbook for improvement, with clear priorities and actionable steps. Climb your way to governance ‘Leading’ status as Govn365 shows you exactly what you need to do next to get there.

Review the modules and areas that require improvement, complete the recommended action items, and watch your organisation achieve its goals.

Throughout your journey, use your Govn365 Goal Setting Dashboard to set goals and identify what steps need to be taken to achieve your next milestone.