Corporate Clients

Govn365 has been designed to give organisations a fully transparent tool to measure and understand governance and give recommendations on how to improve governance so governing groups and executive teams are aligned and can address areas where there are deficiencies.

Govn365 is the playbook for great governance leading to improved performance.

Your chair, directors and board advisors alongside the executive team have a responsibility to guide your organisation towards success whilst ensuring your organisation meets with all the legal and statutory requirement and complies with current regulations. Every aspect of governance from strategy to cyber security, culture to sustainability has been included within Govn365. 


Your organisation can see where improvement is required using the Govn365 Starburst, understand the level of governance maturity using the Govn365 Index and generate Govn365 Reports for inclusion in your governance meetings.

Meet James Fletcher, Chief Operating Officer at DLA Piper NZ and a Govn365 customer.

James has over 20 years of senior management experience across multiple sectors within New Zealand and Australia. He understands the complex nature of organisational governance and recognises the influence governing bodies have over organisational performance.

Listen to what James has to say about governance and his experience with Govn365 so far.

Meet Tracey Cross, an independent director, financial services legal expert, and thought leader.

Govn365 worked closed with Tracey whilst developing its Legal and Compliance module to ensure it meets industry standards and guides organisations in best practice.

Listen to what Tracey has to say about governance and her experience with Govn365 so far.

Meet Will Thomas, Owner of Acton and Govn365 customer.

Hear what Will has to say about his journey within governance and how Govn365 is helping structure his team moving forward

Meet Craig Cotton, a business leader, industry professional and Govn365 advisor.

We sat down with Craig to understand his experiences within governance and why he's so passionate about Govn365. 

Govn365 commissioned a significant piece of research into the state of New Zealand’s business governance. View this detailed White Paper that unpacks the issues, barriers and trends within organisational governance.