Better Governance. Improved Performance.

Govn365 is a digital tool designed to review, assess and improve organisational governance. It provides structure and visibility, enabling you to set priorities and build capability.

Govn365 Explainer Video

Discover your organisation's governance maturity with the interactive Govn365 starburst.

This interactive feature visually shows your governance maturity and capability against international best practice, including the new governance ISO standard 37000.

Identify and boost your governance capabilities and improve the overall performance of your organisation.

Strategy and Purpose

What does your organisation stand for? Where is it going? And how will it get there? A well-developed strategy gives you focus. 

High Performance Governance

Is your board or governance group diverse? Does it set direction, lead and assess effectively? Informed leaders deliver better results. 

People and Culture

Are you happy with your company culture? Are you aware of the skills and capabilities your organisation will need in the future? Do you assess and reward your team fairly? Great people improve your competitive advantage.

Enterprise Risk Management

Is your board or governance group aware of the organisations risks? Is there a plan to manage and mitigate these risks? Protect what matters.

Financial Stewardship

Is there a strong financial view of the future? Are insights being tracked? Do all your board or governance group members understand the financial state and projection of the organisation? Financial literacy fosters greater transparency.

Digital and Information Technology

How would your organisation cope with a cyber attack? Are you using technology to add value to your organisation? Avoid blind spots and take appropriate action.


Is your brand stagnant or growing? How does your consumer market feel about your products and/or services? Developing your brand builds trust and supports growth.

Environment, Social and Governance

Does your organisation look after its people? How well does it protect the environment? What’s your organisations maturity? Operate responsibly, enhance credibility.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Is your organisations health, safety and wellbeing culture where you’d like it to be? Is the whole team aware of risks, understand how to work safely and look out for each other? Everyone benefits.

Legal and Compliance

Are you aware of all the organisations legal and regulatory obligations? How are these obligations managed? Would you be protected if anything happened? Mitigate risks and act responsibly. 

If you have responsibility or contribute to a governing body, Govn365 gives you visibility and a roadmap to improve your governance skills.

Govn365 is designed for CEO’s, chairs, directors and senior leaders of medium to large organisations with a board or governing group. Walk through the self-assessment, gain visibility, set governance priorities and improve your organisations governance capabilities.

Govn365 provides a suite of tools to improve the governance of your organisation.