Govn365 has a suite of features designed to enhance your journey through to high performing governance. Interactive features, easy to understand ratings and report generation, all at your finger tips.

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Govn365 Starburst

The interactive Govn365 starburst displays your organisation's strengths and weaknesses within the ten key areas that shape leading governance. It enhances governance transparency, empowers directors, senior leaders and CEO’s to make informed decisions and gives purpose, structure and focus to governance group meetings.



Govn365 Index Score

The Govn365 index score is an overall rating of your organisation’s governance maturity. Benchmark yourself, work on improvement areas, track and measure performance each month and improve your organisation’s capability long term.

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Govn365 Report

Generate governance reports that provide full visibility on the status of your organisation and keep everyone up to date with the latest information. Add these into board reports, incorporate into director and senior leader inductions and maintain alignment between governance group strategy and management actions.