Govn365 Report

The Govn365 Report provides full visibility on the status of your organisation and keeps everyone up to date with the latest information.

Complete your Govn365 governance maturity assessment, set individual goals for each module, set actions for your team and generate a governance report to create full visibility. The Govn365 Report is perfect to slip inside board reports, accompany monthly meeting agendas or be emailed out as is. It provides complete visibility, keeps everyone up to date and only takes a few moments to generate.

Govn365 is underpinned by the ISO governance standard, 37000, the Institute of Directors Four Pillars and leading practices across the globe. The Govn365 Report includes comms on your organisation's index score, individual module goals and feedback from your senior team.

A report for boards, directors, CE’s, senior management and stakeholders alike.

Add these into board reports, incorporate into director and senior leader inductions and maintain alignment between governance group strategy and management actions.

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Achieve your goals and watch your governance maturity grow

A playbook for improvement, with clear priorities and actionable steps. Climb your way to governance ‘Leading’ status as Govn365 shows you exactly what you need to do next to get there.

Review the modules and areas that require improvement, complete the recommended action items, and watch your organisation achieve its goals.

Throughout your journey, use your Govn365 Report to communicate with your board, directors, CE and senior leaders and ensure they stay up to date.